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Brent Leary and David Bullock have created the field model for the effective deployment of social media based on the 12+ month study of the historic 2008 Barack Obama Presidential campaign.

This data was gathered during the campaign month by month. This study is not a speculative look back in an attempt to reconstruct the steps and nuances of the campaign as an afterthought.

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"Barack 2.0 will add value to your company whether you are running your own small business or working inside a Fortune 500 behemoth. Bullock and Leary have compiled the ultimate guide to understanding exactly how the Obama Campaign utilized social media to exponentially magnify the impact of their message. They clearly connect how each major lesson-learned from the Obama Campaign can be applied to any type of business. In a world where few have successfully utilized web 2.0 to maximize their reach and revenue, Bullock and Leary show you how to do this in the most cost effective manner.

"The book discusses the optimal ways to tactically execute a web 2.0 strategy using social media, and then takes it a step further by providing the insight behind such strategies. One conclusion I drew is that simply being present in specific social media channels, or using such channels as an extension of a soapbox isn't nearly enough, but that a consistent message and an authentic two-way conversation are a must. Bullock and Leary show how Obama did this, and how you can too.

"One of the best features of the book is the interactive online PDF that comes with it. It offers live links to articles, data, and actual Obama social media applications. For any business mind interested in taking this research a step further, the book also offers plenty of other live leads.

- Lee Jelenic, Wharton School of Business, MBA '09

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Brent Leary and David Bullock are the creators of Barack 2.0 - a model dedicated to analyzing the Obama campaign's use of social media from a small business perspective. 

The two were recently featured in Black Enterprise magazine for their coverage of Obama's technology moves.

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Barack Obama demonstrated how to spark meaningful participation from citizens rather than simply trusting that the cause would prevail.

Brent Leary and David Bullock teach and implement strategies to help you capitalize on the branding, communication and reputation-building potential of the Web2.0 and social media environments.

Learn powerful techniques of how to engage your market via a two-way dialogue with interactive media.

Consulting Services for assistance in developing your business using new media.

If you want to get up-to-speed with the latest in innovative, leading-edge online solutions, email us for your free exploratory session, today.

Brent Leary and David Bullock provide
advanced workshops focusing on principles and strategies.

All aspects of doing business online will be covered: web analytics, strategy, content, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, social media, on-site behavioral targeting, multivariate testing, and much, much more.

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