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“Whether you voted for Barack Obama or not, and whether you agree with his policies or not, I'd say you should agree that he did a masterful job using the Web to develop relationships and cement his candidacy.

"In the 2004 election, everyone remarked how well Howard Dean leveraged the Web. Today Dean looks like a rank amateur compared to the level that President-elect Obama brought it to.

"Lots of lessons to be learned. And I agree, those lessons translate well for small businesses because the underlying principles are timeless and involve human nature. And after all, business is ultimately about relationships.”

- Anita Campbell, Editor,

"The Obama campaign is a rare example of a marketing campaign that not only was able to connect with a lot of people on many different platforms but also able to leverage these connections to get volunteers, donations, and votes. Brent Leary and David Bullock give an in depth view of how Obama did it by analyzing the strategy used on each platform and then adding valuable insights. On top of that they introduced various essential tools for developing and tracking social media efforts. Basically, Barack 2.0 is a guide for creating a social media strategy that not only tells you how but also why behind each strategy. Barack 2.0 is a quick and a must read for anyone who wants to develop a social media strategy."

- Caroline Dahllof

"Fantastic, 5 out of 5. Barack Obama used Social Media to connect and communicate with millions of people to become the President of the United States. This book shows the approach that his campaign used to successfully harness the power of social media and out lines how any business can do the same.

"The book breaks down the steps that any business can take to easily start using social media right now. What might be most interesting though is that this really works. The strategies are demonstrated, tested and data is available for anyone to see. This is a proven method of how to to find and communicate with your customers or audience online no matter what your business is or where you're located."

- A. Franco

"This book is an absolute must read for anyone who wishes to create or improve their online presence through social media. Brent Leary and David Bullock have made this book and informative , interesting and easy read for the experienced marketer and laypersons alike.

"This book is compendium of applications and strategies that Barack Obama use to help him win his Presidential nomination and ultimately the Presidency. David and Brent brings it home in this easy to understand language without complicated technical jargon. This book has inspired and educated me on how I can improve upon my online marketing efforts.

"I have been following the Obama campaign since its inception and I am totally captivated by the scope of his marketing methods and have been waiting for someone to come along and put something like this together.

"Well I've found it here in this concise book on how to win friends and influence millions using simple internet marketing tools the help propel Barack Obama to the heights success and hopefully yours too.

"This book is not about politics. This workbook is about viewing Barack Obama's us of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites from a business perspective. It's about understanding how we can use technology to meaningfully connect with people to build long-lasting relationships , turning clicks into customers, and using content to convert strangers into collaborators."

- Emanuel Angarica

"Barack 2.0 will add value to your company whether you are running your own small business or working inside a Fortune 500 behemoth. Bullock and Leary have compiled the ultimate guide to understanding exactly how the Obama Campaign utilized social media to exponentially magnify the impact of their message. They clearly connect how each major lesson-learned from the Obama Campaign can be applied to any type of business. In a world where few have successfully utilized web 2.0 to maximize their reach and revenue, Bullock and Leary show you how to do this in the most cost effective manner.

"The book discusses the optimal ways to tactically execute a web 2.0 strategy using social media, and then takes it a step further by providing the insight behind such strategies. One conclusion I drew is that simply being present in specific social media channels, or using such channels as an extension of a soapbox isn't nearly enough, but that a consistent message and an authentic two-way conversation are a must. Bullock and Leary show how Obama did this, and how you can too.

"One of the best features of the book is the interactive online PDF that comes with it. It offers live links to articles, data, and actual Obama social media applications. For any business mind interested in taking this research a step further, the book also offers plenty of other live leads.

- Lee Jelenic, Wharton School of Business, MBA '09

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